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Forty-three jewels of the National collection

Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, is a haven for many rare and beautiful on the planet. One of the more spectacular collection is a gem collection at the Museum of Natural History. There you can see the beautiful crystals and minerals in their natural form, as well as some of the most remarkable part of any jewelry that is made. There is a crown worn by royalty, diamond earrings worn by a very large French queen Marie-Antoinette.

They are all amazing and wonderful, but there is nothing more mysterious than the rare earth-green emerald. The Smithsonian is home to the most fabulous emeralds ever known, and we are very fortunate to have them in this country.

One of the Hooker Emerald Emerald is the legend was once part of the Turkish sultan’s belt buckle. Another example of brilliant emerald jewelry, combined with a diamond necklace is the Spanish Inquisition. This is a spectacular two rows of diamond shapes, which ended with a pendant of a lamp with an emerald.

There is also a magnificent 37.8-carat emerald called the Emerald Lime, which is set with diamonds and is found in Columbia mine. The Mackay Emerald Necklace is also set with diamonds and is a brilliant example of how the emerald as often contain defects or inclusions, is still a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry.

Collection at the Smithsonian not to be missed, not only for an incredible selection of emeralds contain, but because it’s an opportunity to be as close to some of the necklace gemstones in the world’s most powerful because most of us ever could! We may never have anything like this, but we can dream, can not we?

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