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Global Warming !

In schooling days, i used to read about Global Warming in my favorite science subjects.
By the time i actually started studying, the Global Warming has already started but the book quotes the effect of Global Warming as a it has never happened. Approximately 6years before i started hearing about sea level rise. Those things initiated thoughts in me about saving nature. The Hot news in earth is about Volcano eruption at "Eyjafjallajökull" Glacier, a part of South IceLand. The Name of the Glacier is very funny to be pronounced and that was a separate issue broadcast by News Agencies. The whole word describes "Island - Mountain - Glacier".

I felt like the mother earth roaring at humans. It almost freezes aero traffic for over 2weeks. It was estimated total loss more than a Billion for airline industries alone. What all this for? Adverse effect of this eruption leaves Tsunami alert over Britain, as per Sky News Geologists. Even lot more. I really started feeling the vast Global Warming now. The Iceland and adjacent Glaciers melt sooner than before, Earth's water level will raise drastically. Nature arouse whenever humans show lead in Scientific advancements. Let us wait and see what happens and who wins at last. 

Sure that islam will win and remember the Judgement day come to right way only in Islam religion

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