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Relocating to a New Country

Moving to another country can be an exhilarating experience that gives you and your family a whole new start in life; but it will be the biggest decision and the most complex move you ever make - and it can have disastrous consequences if things go wrong.

So if you are seriously considering making that move you need to approach it realistically, examine your motivations and be quite sure that it is the right thing for you and your family.

Don`t get beguiled by travel brochures, TV shows or even holiday experiences. Two weeks of white sand and blue seas in a hotel which provides all meals and comforts is one thing; finding yourself living in a busy, noisy and dirty city miles from that beach is something else altogether.

Research your chosen destination thoroughly. Understand its religion, its history and its politics and remember that it will come with its own distinct culture. Customs and habits can be very different as can the legal and education systems. You must adapt to them because they will not adapt to you. And, at the start - or at least or until you have made friends - you are likely to have few people to whom you can turn in times of trouble.

Thought and preparation are all important and while potential problems can never be wholly eliminated they can be mitigated to a considerable extent if you do your homework properly.

All countries now keep a tight rein on immigration and for a successful relocation to another country you will not only need to possess a skill that nation needs, you`ll need a firm offer of a job, too. If you do get offered a job you`ll need somewhere to live, you`ll almost certainly need a car, you`ll have to find schools for the children and have enough money in the bank both to tide you over until pay-day and provide for any unseen expenses that arrive - and they certainly will.
Finding Work: Big-name, reputable companies are the best to approach and there are also agencies that can provide opportunities. The internet is a boon, here, but beware of bogus or fly-by-night operators and if you have any suspicions don`t be afraid to contact the immigration department of your destination`s embassy at home for their advice and opinions.
Money: These moves cannot be made on a shoe-string and you`ll need to ensure you have plenty of money behind you. If you are a property owner, it`s probably better to sell up before you go. Many people have found that problems selling the old house have ruined their chances of buying the new one and to find yourself paying two different mortgages in two different countries is ruinous.
Accommodation: You`ll need somewhere to live, of course and many people who relocate decide that the working partner should go ahead and establish a base. You may go from a colleague`s sofa to an apartment very quickly or it may take some time to find the right place. Delays need not be wasted, though, because that time is useful for scouting out schools and other desirable facilities in different locations.
Documentation: Take everything you have. You`ll need driving licences, birth and marriage certificates, certificates of adoption - if appropriate - and medical records. Even memberships of professional bodies are important and don`t forget to make sure you have an up to date passport - and pay particular attention to insurance paperwork.
Health Issues: Make sure you know just what health care provisions are offered in your chosen country. Many don`t have universal healthcare and you may need to pay into a care scheme either as a salary deduction or privately. You will also need to check just what inoculations you will require for your destination. A full medical and doctor`s letter confirming your general health may also be required.
Consular Services: It`s a good idea to discover precisely where your national embassy and consulates are to be found in your chosen country. Do you have e-mail addresses or phone numbers for the staff or departments which can offer help if problems arise and do you know what services those officials will be able to provide?
Packing: Whether you rent or own a home you`ll have to decide what to do with all your belongings. Do you sell all your furniture, fixtures and fittings? Doing so may be a wrench but it can generate much needed cash. If not, you`ll have to pay for storage in the old country before paying for transporting it all to the new one. 

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There`s a lot to think about, indeed, but there is invaluable advice and assistance to be had so research, ask and check, check, check!

Remember that the smallest oversight or error in obtaining the correct visas and documentation can ruin the dream. In all countries, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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