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Global Warming !

In schooling days, i used to read about Global Warming in my favorite science subjects. By the time i actually started studying, the Global Warming has already started but the book quotes the effect of Global Warming as a it has never happened. Approximately 6years before i started hearing about sea level rise. Those things initiated thoughts in me about saving nature. The Hot news in earth is about Volcano eruption at "Eyjafjallajökull" Glacier, a part of South IceLand. The Name of the Glacier is very funny to be pronounced and that was a separate issue broadcast by News Agencies. The whole word describes "Island - Mountain - Glacier".

I felt like the mother earth roaring at humans. It almost freezes aero traffic for over 2weeks. It was estimated total loss more than a Billion for airline industries alone. What all this for? Adverse effect of this eruption leaves Tsunami alert over Britain, as per Sky News Geologists. Even lot more. I really started f…