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Two Home Businesses to Start in 2015

With the shaky economy and job downsizing, some people are looking for a business that they can start up from home. One business that you can start from home would be a wedding planner business, which is one of the best business ideas of 2011. Many people are getting married so this is a business plan that can never go out of business. All you need is a creative mind to make this the best day for the bride and groom plus many contacts so you can get the right caterer, the right decorator, and so many more.
You need to start out small, but advertise your talent. Offer to plan a friend or family member's wedding to start your portfolio and advertise. Have your friend or family member give you good references.
Take pictures of the wedding, the food, and decorations with the couple's permission to use in your portfolio. Pictures and references will go along way to getting you the jobs that you need. With each wedding you do, take more pictures and soon you will have a full portfo…