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Adobe Media Player

Adobe have recently released their own Media Player, it is basically a Online TV, similar to Joost. Looking at Joost, it seems that the trend is not there yet for online TV, also mainly because broadband in most location of the world will not be able stream joost without interuption. I said that because I am using 1mb ADSL from Streamyx, Malaysia and I barely could load joost smoothly.
I have downloaded Adobe Media Player and the result? “Playback Failed!”

check out Adobe Media Player Here
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Yong Tau Foo, Bomba, Taiping Malaysia

I am a blogger from Indonesia sometimes I wrote about tech, Home Renovation but I also have blog about food recipes. My Blog Web Guru Tech  is about : travelling, food and interesting experiences when I  visit some places in the world.

Now I will give you a food from Malaysia that's yummy  I found it  in  Petaling Jaya When I join SBB (sepetang bersama Blogger) by Denaihati Team  okay guys look at this picture

How Recession Affects the Human Resource Policy?

We have not even crossed a full five year after facing one of the most crushing economic recessions in the preceding decades. We have seen huge lay offs, shrinking employee strength and business establishments in various large corporations and huge bearing of these depressive factors on the gross social psychology and buying culture of people. Nevertheless these factors on various social and economic layers can be observed in the internal work atmosphere of business establishments also and human resource being the department looking after the issues relating to employees and staffs has passed through one of the most trying times. How recession affects the human resource policy can be observed from various levels of employee management, retention and recruitment policies and compensation policy. How recession forced companies and various organizations to make serious changes in their components of human resource policy, we will introduce here catego…

Why Employee Retention is Important in HR Practice?

Human resource in today’s business world is the most important discipline as the driving force behind the success of any company or organization. Any company or organization however big it is or however be the technological progress it goes through must be run and administered by skilled human beings capable of performing different tasks. Without proper employee support no organization could come to the position they are now. Employees and their performance make all the difference in making a company achieve any success or reputation. Our inquiry in regard to why employee retention is important in HR practice must be viewed corresponding to this huge importance of employees who serve as the crucial human capital in the business organizations. Here we would categorically explain why employee retention is important in HR practice.

Major change in crucial positions can make the moral of an organization down
In many companies across the business organizations or in many public…

Career Opportunities of Human Resource Management Degree

Human resource management is considered to be one of the core functional areas of a company or any organization. The basic prerequisite for the smooth, growth riding functioning of a organization the concerns of the working people within a organization needs to be addressed first and in a satisfactory manner. This guarantees the prevalence of a healthy, mutually trustworthy, dynamically growth seeking and integrally bounding work atmosphere of an organization. Because of this crucial and central role in improving performance of an organization, the career opportunities which are presented in this discipline are huge. One notable part of the career opportunities of human resource management degree is that it still offers some of the highest earning jobs across various disciplines and job positions and the annual average income of the professionals of this discipline are much well above the national average of annual income. Definitely there are reasons behind the discipli…

Can Praising Kids Be Bad?

Though it's clear that too little praise can be extremely damaging for a child, research indicates that praising kids too much can be damaging, too. Studies have shown that praising kids for their intelligence can actually make them less motivated at school, because they start to assume that everything should be easy for them to learn. Then, when confronted with things that are difficult for them to learn, they either become overwhelmed and give up or choose to study something easier. The type of praise a child gets is important as well. Children older than age 7 are extremely sensitive to insincere praise, and if they receive a lot of it, they start discounting sincere praise as well as insincere praise. Children who are over-praised or praised only for their intelligence also report being more willing to lie about their grades or cheat to get a good grade in order to keep up the appearance of being smart. Praising kids for their effort, rather than for their intelligence, makes the…

Acts Upon Facts

Behind what shown lies the unknown
In every seeking truth indeed, an untold mystery
Inside each trusted heart a secret corner belong only to the owner
Forgetting is a meaningless word used when unexpected memories occurred
Forever in time always change to a while.
Life is full of rational facts, yet buried under human acts.