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Forty-three jewels of the National collection

Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, is a haven for many rare and beautiful on the planet. One of the more spectacular collection is a gem collection at the Museum of Natural History. There you can see the beautiful crystals and minerals in their natural form, as well as some of the most remarkable part of any jewelry that is made. There is a crown worn by royalty, diamond earrings worn by a very large French queen Marie-Antoinette.
They are all amazing and wonderful, but there is nothing more mysterious than the rare earth-green emerald. The Smithsonian is home to the most fabulous emeralds ever known, and we are very fortunate to have them in this country.
One of the Hooker Emerald Emerald is the legend was once part of the Turkish sultan’s belt buckle. Another example of brilliant emerald jewelry, combined with a diamond necklace is the Spanish Inquisition. This is a spectacular two rows of diamond shapes, which ended with a pendant of a lamp with an emerald.
There is also a magn…

21 Napoleon Diamond Necklace

One of the most spectacular all-diamond pieces of jewelry in the Smithsonian Insitution is the Napoleon necklace. Thought to have originally been owned by Catherine the Great of Russia, it was presented by the Emperor Napoleon of France to his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria on the birth of their son in 1811.

The silver and gold set necklace contains172 diamonds weighing 275 carats – 28 oval and cushion-cut diamonds, dangling 19 briolette-cut oval and pear shaped diamonds and accented by small, round diamonds and diamond set motifs in a silver and gold setting. The diamonds are cut in “old mine” style, the precursor to the modern brilliant cut, and have a high degree of fire (flashes of color as the stone moves in light), but less brilliance due to less light refraction through the top of the stone.

The necklace has an estimated total gem weight of 275 carats, and the largest single diamond on it weighs approximately 10 carats. When Marie-Louise died in 1847, the necklace was given…