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Lake Baikal-Pearl of Siberia

Lake Baikal located in Siberia is the world’s deepest and oldest lake. Also it is the largest freshwater source containing one-fifth of world’s water supply. Lake Baikal contains outstanding varieties of endemic species of flora and fauna. It is surrounded by areas of high scenic and ethic values. It is a rift valley, starting from Baikal rift zone where the crust of the earth is pulling apart. Even though being the deepest lake, the waters are well-mixed and well oxygenated. The snowy lake along with islands looks astonishing beautiful on the backdrop of Baikal Mountains. It is the only confined freshwater lake where gas hydrates exists.

The world famous Baikal seals, one of the three entirely freshwater seal populations are situated all around the lake. Neutrino researches are conducted in Baikal Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope, which is deployed in Baikal kale. The climate is mostly cooler, and due to this climate the lake usually freezes in January. There are many …

Find the right Undermount kitchen sinks

When choosing an Undermount Kitchen Sinks the most important thing is to find the right dimension, if the cut-away of the platform is already made. If a fresh Undermount Kitchen Sink is being installed then you can choose a sink of your choice and get the platform cut to the dimension of your new sink.