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Müller Digital stereo zoom microscope 10-80x with swivel stand and LED ring light | 3.1 MP

The pan-microscope 10-80x is an excellent stereo microscope, as in schools, universities, research or in industry, eg during the PCB production, found in the dental or jewelry stores use. The microscope is equipped with a swivel stand, the 360 ° swivel. This allows the study of large and heavy samples that do not fit on a conventional stage or are not suitable for transport (such as art objects, archaeological finds, etc.). Included in the offer is an LED ring light with 144 LEDs and a USB Microscope Camera with 3.1 Megapixels! Connect your microscope easily and conveniently via USB to a notebook TUBE: trinocular with 45 ° viewing angle / 360 ° / viewing distance: 55-75mm / Dioptrinverstellung on both eyepieces + / – 5 / 2 wide-field eyepieces: WF10x / 2 wide-field eyepieces: WF20xREVOLVER: Zoom lens 1x – 4x zoom ratio 1:4 | MAGNIFICATION: 10-80x variable zoomSTAND: rotates 360 °, 360 ° / Height 45x 65cm / microscope image inside diameter 75mm / Max arm length …