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Great Barrier Reef- Wonder of Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, situated in the along the coast of northeast Australia, is one of the largest marine park in the world and is comprised of many individual coral reefs. The climate will be hot and rainy with sunshine all over the year. Mostly the shallow water is formed over the reef with the surface temperature of

about 21 to 38 Celsius.
The high surface temperature is ideal for the growth of many sea plants and serves as home for many sea animals. The sea animals found in the reef are about 300 species of corals, anemones, sponges and varieties of lobsters. The algae mostly red and green algae are characteristic traits of the reef. The Whitsundays and Cairns are the major tourist locations situated on the coast of the reef. Further, there are 900 islands lying across the barrier reef.

In order to attract tourists, many activities such as day tours, cruise ships, bare boats, passenger ferries and helicopters are being operated between the reef islands. The major isla…