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What Are Stock Shares

What Are Stock Shares
The terms stock and shares are used separately and often together and the way these two terms are used is often confusing to those who don't deal in stocks. However, don't let these terms confuse you as basically the two words often mean the same thing, but are used to connote slightly different meanings. By looking at these two terms when they are used together and separately you will get a clearer understanding of what these terms mean and the very slightly difference between them.
When someone refers to stock shares this simply means that they have paid money in exchange for owning a piece of a company. How much of a company one owns depends on how many shares of stock he has purchased. The term stock actually means the paper that you get saying you own part of the company. Shares in this case means how many small pieces of the company you own.
When people simply use the term stock or stocks they are referring to owning a piece of one or more companies…

Traveling on a Limited Budget

Traveling is a fun way to explore new places, food, and different cultures. It gives you a time to get away and unwind and relax, but sometimes money is tight and you cannot take that vacation you want. If you figure out a budget you can still take that vacation that you want. There are many ways to save when you fix a travel budget.
Make sure that you use the right credit card especially if you are traveling to a foreign country. If you use the wrong one you could get hit with a whopping interest rate at the end of the month when the bill comes in. You can avoid these fees by using a travel credit card instead of using a local card. Travel credit cards are ideal because you will not get overcharged on interest rates.
When going on vacation try to either use public transportation at your destination or if possible walk. You should also say no to fancy restaurants for every meal. You can figure in your budget one meal out in a fancy restaurant, but there are many inexpensive restaurants …

Bed and Breakfast Inn Owners

Bed and Breakfast Inn Owners When you are trying to find that perfect start up business owning a bed and breakfast Inn may come to mind. What could be more perfect that to own a business that is usually found in or around tourist areas? These tourist areas could be near the beach, the mountains, and more. These places would be ideal to live, but while it may be a dream job, you need to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into first.
With this type of job, you definitely need to be a "people person" because as long as the Inn is open you will be dealing with people twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
You need to be friendly and outgoing all the time. If possible, try to schedule a time that you can sit down and talk to them about the business.
Make sure that you choose a good location where there are tourist attractions, but make sure that there are not already many bed and breakfast inns in the area because if there are too many, you will not have much …


Contrary to what this person is called, they do not just make cabinets. This person works with wood to design various types of furniture. If you enjoy working with your hands and crafting things, this might be the ideal business for you. You also must enjoy working with furniture that involves a lot of detail work. You should check about getting a certificate in "Furnishing-Furniture Manufacturing," which consists of three levels of courses that you can finish in about a year. You can find them through your local woodworker unions. There are even some colleges that offer these courses. By the time you are finished with this course you will have an understanding of cabinet construction and design basics, wood processing and refinishing wood.
If you prefer, you can take some woodworking courses at the community college. These classes normally focus on some part of being a cabinet maker. If you know of someone who does cabinet work or any type of woodworking, see if you can get …

How to Inexpensively Fix Driveway Cracks

Due to everyday use and deterioration driveways can get damaged and develop cracks. Some oil spilled on the asphalt driveway may not seem like a big deal, but it can smash down the asphalt and cause cracks as well. The first thing that you need to do before repairing the driveway is to remove any tiny plants or weeds that have grown in the cracks. The next thing that you do is to spay off the driveway to get rid of the dirt and loose pieces of asphalt. You may also need to put cleaning solution on the driveway to get rid of all the chemical and oil stains. Once the area becomes totally dry, it is time to make the repairs. For the tiny cracks you can use "rubberized" asphalt. Fill in the driveway cracks and make it smooth with a putty knife. Be sure that none it spills out onto the surface of the driveway. After taking care of the cracks it is time to seal the driveway.
You should make sure that you fill the driveway and seal it so it will last a long time. Once the cracks are…