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Looking For Villas To Rent?

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Great Wall of China

I was on a business trip to Beijing and thought there was no way I could leave without seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world. 
With that in mind I got the hotel to book me onto a tour.  I was told a coach would pick me up the next day but due to the fact that only myself and one other person who we picked up had booked they sent a car.
It was quite a long drive from the CBD (rougly 45 miles) and they stopped at various Jade outlets along the way.  It felt like we were never going to arrive.  The traffic was awful as well.  
However we did arrive eventaully and the Wall was ceratianly a sight to be seen, I can remember welling up as it felt so surreal to be there.   There are so many sections of the wall you can visit so be sure to investigate.  I went to a section called Badaling which one of the most touristy but also most well preserved.  
The wall was magnificent and really made you feel like a speck in comparison.  I also wasn't prepared for the steepness of i…