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New Trend Phone Accessories

There is no such thing as a plain cell phone anymore because most everyone has some type of accessory for their cell phone. Today you can have accessories such as a car charger where you can plug your phone in the cigarette lighter holder and charge your phone as you are driving. There are also different ring tones, different skins you can put on your cell phone, different applications, earphones and more. There are even hands free accessories where you can talk and walk at the same time without having the cell phone to your ear. Although it is illegal in most states, you can even use this feature when you drive.
You can also get belt clips and different styles of cell phone holders. You can even get full cell phone protectors. Now they even offer data cable and extra memory for your phone. With the various applications you can go online, play games, text, do research online and more.
You can walk into any phone store and find over a hundred thousand different phone accessories for ev…