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Surviving Trans-Oceanic Flights

There is a comedian who tells a story about traveling to New Zealand for vacation. He recounts the misery that he experienced on his 17-hour flight and suggests that only someone who is insane would ever undertake the activity. Trans-oceanic flights are brutal, but can be survived with proper preparation.
Make sure that you have plenty of ways to amuse yourself. Bring an extra laptop battery and airplane adaptor for your computer, Smartphone or tablet. Most new planes have real power outlets available, but older jets will still need an adaptor to allow you to plug in. A pocket-sized surge protector is a great idea as well. Many older planes have very irregular power flow levels during flight. Most airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi, for this type of trip it is worth the extra expense. Preload a few favorite movies on your mobile devices. If you do not, then you run the risk of having to watch something retched from 15 years ago; this will only make the airsickness worse. Be prepared to h…